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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my login information and/or password. What should I do?

Your login name is the email address you provided when you first registered. If you have several email addresses and can't remember which one you used, or if you no longer have access to that particular email address, send us your new email address. We'll make the change and email you a temporary password. Once you've logged in using your new email address and temporary password, change your password via the "Change Password" link in the member icon menu above.

If you remember your email address, but have forgotten your password, click on the appropriate link at the login screen and the website will automatically email your password to you within a few minutes. If any of your contact information has changed since the last reunion, please update it, so that 
when we download a hard copy of the class list, we'll have your current contact info.

Who has access to my "Classmate Profile" and personal contact information?

You can choose whether your Classmate Profile is publicly viewable on the website or restricted to registered Lakeridge High School 1999 Classmates only. If restricted, search engines and the general public will be blocked from accessing your Classmate Profile page. You can also choose whether or not your mailing address and phone number are displayed; otherwise, only the City and State/Country where you live will be listed.

Does Class Creator rent, sell, or in any way profit from obtaining our Classmates' names, addresses, and personal information? How does the site make money?

No. Class Creator doesn't rent or sell any classmate information or engage in any marketing or solicitation to classmates. All personal contact information is strictly confidential. When we signed up in 2009, Class Creator was free and didn't include any ads, but they've since started selling paid memberships. Free sites now contain ads, but it sounds like our free site was grandfathered in, and may remain free of ads. Class Creator also sells domain name registrations through its ClassNames.net subsidiary for $20 per year, but using that service is optional. 

Does the public have access to my e-mail address?

No. To protect your privacy, your email address is stored only within the website, so the reunion committee can contact you via email. Feel free to provide your email address on the corresponding line in your profile, if you'd like your fellow classmates to be able to email you outside of this website. Any messages you've received from fellow classmates through this site can be found via the "Message Center" link in the member icon menu above.

How will I receive emails from the Lakeridge High School Class of 1999, and what kind of emails will I receive?

We may send information about the upcoming reunion, purchasing tickets, and details about other events that might be happening the weekend of the reunion. Emails to the entire class will be sent to you from info@lakeridge1999.com. Please add this email address to your address book or spam filter's approved list. You can contact us, the website administrators, Whitney Fruin and Katie Waldron (Etchegaray), via the "Contact Us" link on the left. We'll reply as soon as we can. 

Can I post my own photos or videos on the website?

Yes. Please upload at least one current photo of yourself and/or your family to your profile. You can add, delete, or replace your photos and/or videos at any time.

What's the price of a reunion ticket, what does it include, and how do I purchase one?

Details to come.